Friday, August 25, 2017

S-STEM Intern Biography

My name is Samantha Faltermeier, and I am returning student working toward a second bachelor’s degree in chemistry before I attend graduate school. My previous bachelor's degree is in Sociology. It is my first semester as a full-time student here at Phoenix College. My areas of interests are environmental chemistry, public health/safety, and public policy. I have chosen this path for numerous reasons. I want to conduct research in a laboratory setting and monitor environmental pollutants. I would like to use this research to help advocate for better health outcomes and health policy, because public policy affects the lives of people and research supports dissemination of unbiased information Lastly, this path will allow me to give back to my community by serving as a role model for future Hispanic women scientists.


  1. Hey, Sammie, how come it’s your first time on the S-STEM blog? I have seen you in the program for multiple weeks. Anyways, Welcome. Here you’ll get to share your researches and fancy robots with the S-STEM scholars. Maybe we can post a video of the robot competition we did last week.

    1. Good Point Ibrahim, I think I must have linked up my pages incorrectly. My blog exists....just have to find where! For now, here are the links to my pages:

  2. Hey Sammie, thanks for posting the links to your blogs. For some reason, it wasn’t showing up like the other blogs. As for your unknown bacteria, it is one of the cleanest procedures I have ever seen. Very detailed and had a good flow to it. I also noticed you added your experimental errors which are very crucial in research.